Car Lift: 2 column car lift, 4 column car lift, hydraulic car lift


The company specializes in car lifts up to 50 tons and various types of lifting equipment for different branches of industry. As a leader among manufacturers of this type of equipment, we strive to continually develop our technology used and the production process. We also develop quality control, making that our lifts are not only extremely durable, but also reliable, even when used in very demanding conditions.

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Car lift

We are specialists in the area of car lifts. We offer 1 column car lift, 2 column car lift, 4 column car lift, 6 column car lift, mobile car lift as well as lifts for vehicle inspection stations.

2 column car lift

We are particularly proud of our 2 column car lifts which has been designed to perfection. We strive for it with all our products.

Mobile car lift

Portable Car Lifts are especially useful when we want to use our car lift in more then one place.

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